Is your dog fearful around new people? Do they hide when someone comes to your house? Are new situations or places scary for your dog? Does your pooch run away from certain objects? Are car rides terrifying for your furry friend? Then this class is for you!

We will work on tools to build your dog’s confidence and comfort and ease anxiety. This is a 4 week course (no separate orientation, your dog will come to all the classes). 

Wallflower class is limited to 8 dogs a session.

Please submit your registration, waiver, and your dog’s vaccination records to [email protected]


Wallflower Class will be held on Sundays at 1 PM.

The first class will be held on Sunday, March 15.





Wallflower Class



Wallflower Class (recent SBHS adopter)



What to Bring

  • Dogs must wear a flat collar or harness.(Dogs may not wear choke-chains, prong or electronic collars.)
  • A six-foot, non-retractable leash
  •  Necessary vaccination records
  • A bed or blanket your dog likes to lay on
  • A hungry, but not famished dog.
  • Treats: A variety of your dogs favorite treats, cut into very small pea size pieces, that you can carry in a treat pouch or other suitable container that allows easy access when you are seated, standing or walking. Bring three different types!
  • Treat pouch that you can wear, which is easy to put your hand in and doesn’t make noise when you grab a treat.
  • If your dog has a favorite toy please bring it!

Dog Training Registration

Dog Training Waiver

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