We are pleased to report that Technical Animal Rescue Specialist and Santa Barbara Humane Society’s own Timothy B. Collins has published an article in Ranger Magazine, entitled “Improvised Rescue: Large Animal Rescue using Fire Hose or Cargo Strap.”  Tim writes:

You can figure the average horse weights approx. 1,000 pounds or almost half a metric tonne. A cow can weigh even more. With this knowledge, if you get an emergency call to a horse stuck in a hole or mud and it needs saving, what are your resources? Do you know the limitations of what you have to work with? Most stations do not have rescue equipment specific to large animals, yet they are expected to respond and attempt a rescue. Let’s consider what you do have in the station or close at hand that you might use in a large animal rescue that involves lifting.

When a call comes in to rescue a large animal, do you have 4-inch fire hose on your repair shelf? Does the maintenance yard have a cargo strap lying around? You might track down some distant agency that has large animal rescue resources. This could require hours of waiting, which you might not have. If you cannot wait for the trained people with their resources, you can use the above mentioned items with the right accessories and precautions thereby increasing the possibility of a successful rescue.

Read the full article by downloading the pdf of Improvised Rescue.

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