[UPDATE: Shiraz has been adopted!]

The first thing people notice about Shiraz is his charisma. Maybe it’s in his posture. He’s usually found lying like a sphinx by the door to his kennel at SB Humane Society, head upright, with his huge bat ears focused on his visitor. He exudes cool-cat confidence. He kneads with his front paws. As the conversation gets rolling, he will saunter over to the door and bump his head against the metal. He wears his stump of a tail like any cat would gladly trade their full-size tail for his. He gives every sign of wanting human interaction.

You wouldn’t be able to tell just by looking at him but Shiraz had a late start in socializing with humans.

Opening the cage door shows that softer side to Shiraz. He backs off a little, but he only needs a little reassurance before he’ll accept pets. He purrs and kneads and bumps, but the feel of human hands seems like a totally new concept to him. It was only recently that he began to tell us exactly what type of petting style he likes (firm, with nails, up and down his spine).

A true Byronic hero, Shiraz just needs to meet the right human to continue nurturing his innate love of humans.

He joins us now for an exclusive interview from his current digs at SB Humane Society.

Q: Thank you Shiraz for meeting with us today.

A: No problem.

Q: What have you been up to recently?

A: Eating!

Q: No way.

A: Yes, actually, I’ve been working on putting on some weight. I’m just coming out of my teenage stage (I’m about a year old), so I’m trying to add some muscle. I was a little underweight when I first got here, but fortunately the team in cat adoption understands that I needed to grow.

Q: What are some of your favorite things at the SB Humane Society?

A: I really like toys. I’m pretty playful and I’ve now discovered catnip- it’s awesome.

Q: You seem like you have this natural affinity for humans. But you haven’t really had a history of being handled or socialized with humans. How do you deal with that as you look for a new home?

A: There is a lot of trust involved. I have to trust that humans mean well. They are much bigger than me, but I really want to get to know them and be friends. I’m not used to being touched, which, trust me, can be a super weird feeling. I’m getting better with it now. It helps me if people get to know me and sit with me for a few minutes before we try to take it to the next level.

And then, humans have to trust me, too. They have to trust that even if I look a little surprised when they stroke my back, it’s because I am not used to the feeling- not that I don’t like them. If I need to retreat a little and compose myself, humans need to trust that I’ll come back and we will try again.

Q: I think we could all use a little trust.

A: Yup. I’m learning that we all come in with a little baggage: Humans and cats. So, I don’t sweat it. It’ll all work out.

Q: We can’t top that. Thank you for meeting with us Shiraz. We wish you all the luck in your search.

A: Thank you for sharing my story. Meow, Mew!

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There is a lot of trust involved. I have to trust that humans mean well. They are much bigger than me, but I really want to get to know them and be friends.


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