This week on The Mew we welcome Domino. Ask anyone about Domino and they will tell you the same thing: he’s down-to-earth, friendly with anyone and everyone, and just a really nice cat. Though he has resting grumpy cat face, inside his heart is golden. We don’t want to waste our time, because Domino is ready to join the conversation (something we are told that he loves to do, with his low, raspy meow- so cute!).

Q: Welcome Domino!

A: Hello, thank you for having me.

Q: So, our viewer may not know this but you have had a little bit of a rocky start, at least at the SB Humane Society.

A: Yes, I wasn’t fighting off an infection very well, so I got to know the clinic staff pretty intimately over those first few weeks.

Q: How are you now?

A: I am great now! I’m a little lonely- I really want to go to my new home soon! After I got better, I stayed in a staff member’s office for a couple weeks so that I could gain weight back before going out on the adoption floor. I am proud to say that I managed not to mess up the carpet with my litter and I really enjoyed the attention! I loved sitting on the desk and under the cabinet, however my favorite place was on my office mate’s chair! We would share the seat and I would purr and knead the seat while she worked. It was really nice.

Q: What were the coolest parts and the scariest parts of living in the office?

A: The coolest part was having room to explore and windows to look out of! There wasn’t really a scary part… But over the weekend, my office fellow would come to feed me and bring her dog. He was so much bigger than me! But we touched noses and he seems like an okay dude, so it wasn’t too scary. He was much more into playing with my toys, and I didn’t care because I didn’t really like them anyways, so we got along. I guess there’s a video of that somewhere on this page.

Q: The video is just above my text here! How do you stay so unfazed, even during such stressful times as you have been through? We have reports from clinic staff that you never once complained, and you took all of your meds without a fight.

A: I can’t exactly tell people my history, but I think that I have met dogs before and I haven’t been given reason not to trust humans. I’m a super laidback cat. I even slump when I sit; It’s just who I am!

Q: You deserve a loving home, and soon! Best of luck, Domino. The staff here at SB Humane Society sends their love with you wherever you go!

A: Mroow, Mew!

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