Happy Tails: Lucy

Lucy was 7 when she was adopted from the Santa Barbara Humane Society

Lucy senior dog adopted

She just melts us!

“She is ridiculously smart—I’m convinced she understands the complete English language, it’s a little crazy, and as a result she has us trained already. She has quite the expressive personality and isn’t shy about letting us know what she wants and when she wants it. She does it in such a sweet way it’s never pushy—she just melts us! Have I mentioned how darn cute she is?!”

Lucy, 7, enjoys the view from her forever home on Painted Cave. She was adopted from the Santa Barbara Humane Society in May 2015.

Lucy is my 24/7 work-, walk-, and tail- wagging- companion.


A Dog’s Life: Work and Play

It’s been almost 2 months since we’ve adopted Lucy and all three of us are loving it! She’s such a good dog! She is with us all day, every day. We start the week days off by driving to work together with a daily stop at Muddy Waters for coffee. She is now one of the “regulars” there. blush Then she helps Rex work in his shop until I pick her up around 2:30. She then joins me at my office until the end of the day when we go for another romp (neighborhood walks, beach, hikes, etc). Then we head back up the hill to Painted Cave, eat dinner, play in the yard a bit more, and relax together for the evening.

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