Puppy Mouthing or Play-biting

Puppy Mouthing
or Play-biting

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They come into our lives either by fault or intention, whether adopted, bought, found or inherited. Maybe they came into our lives at the best time when you needed each other the most or maybe they came at the most inconvenient time. They come and they capture our hearts just as fast as we start to feed them their first meal. They know. They can feel that love that we put out to them and that’s when the story begins.

So the adventure begins. We begin the trial and error, the great times and the not so great, the housebreaking, the leash training and finally finding where the cats hiding place is.  We attempt to teach them not to beg for table food and we slip them a piece of chicken anyway. We teach them not to bark all day and praise them when they let us know an intruder has entered the home. We try to teach the cat not to scratch the couch but we learn to love the new decorative design. They jump in our laps when we are enjoying a good book.  They are pure and raw in their form, whether soaking up the sun or chasing the mailman down the street.  Is that not something we admire them for?

They teach children how to love, and teach us how to trust all over again.  They give meaning to life and stand by us regardless of who we are. They are with us when we experience life’s milestones, and they are almost always with us when we are eating. They are nearby when we are sleeping and waiting by the door when we come home.  They choose us to be on their team so long as we throw the ball or drag a piece of string. They become our teachers and our best friends, our comfort and our joy. We confide in them only our truest feelings.

They become so much a part of us that when we lose them we may feel like we are losing a part of ourselves.  They can either be in our lives a very short period or a very long one, but whatever the circumstance, we all still hurt in the end.  This is for those that have felt what it is like to be loved by a companion animal and to know what it is like to love in return.  We know what it is like to lose that special someone, the love of our lives.   They do make us aware that life is beautiful but unfortunately death is a part of life, and so it is.  This is for you, for the connection we have with them is indestructible and that is what makes it so unbearable to lose them.  We are here to say that it is okay to feel the way you might, because we have all been there. You are not alone.

Written by Faryn Richardson

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