Our Wishlist

Consider giving a gift from our wishlist to our animals and our non-profit organization

We are always in need of these items at the shelter, and we appreciate your donation!

The items on our Wishlist help the animals at our shelter stay happy, healthy and adoptable.

We are also in great need of items that help keep the shelter and clinic safe, clean and comfortable for our animals awaiting loving homes.

Here are ways to donate needed items:

  • AmazonWishlist_button480-300x94Shop our Amazon.com Wishlist (including Kuranda beds)
  • Shop at Kuranda online for Kuranda beds (35×23 aluminum and/or 40×25 aluminum)
  • Shop at a local Lemo’s Pet & Feed Supply using the list of Wishlist items below (including convenient Goleta or Santa Barbara location)
  • Donate gently used items from home based on our Wishlist below.

Please  note: We can not take expired or open containers of food, or medical supplies or syringes. Also, if you wish to donate something to us that is not on our wish list please do, but take into consideration that we will most likely put them out for donation.

For our Canines Awaiting Loving Homes

  •  Kuranda beds (35x23 aluminum and/or 40x25 aluminum)
  •  Food bowls (basic stainless steel bowls)
  • Toys
    • Kong Classic – large
    • Kong goodie bone
    • Kong extreme goodie bone
    • Kong wobblers
    • Kong cheese and treat stuffers
  • Brushes (Masterpet slicker brushes OR basic dual sided brushes)
  • Blankets (the simpler the better!)
  • Plastic dog pools
  • Flat collars – buckles, not clips

For our Felines Awaiting Loving Homes

  • Cat beds
  • Wet Food – Fancy Feast or Friskies Pâté
  • Cardboard scratchers (basic flat cardboard)
  • Dried chicken treats
  • Brushes (slicker brushes of any kind)
  • Toys (No cat nip please! Mice toys, wand toys, small ball toys)
  • Puzzle toys for cats

For the Property

  • Hoses (Kink-No-More, self-straightening hose, 75′ Long)
  • Can openers (basic – to open canned food)
  • Clean spray bottles
  • Small paper food trays
  • Lint rollers
  • Lint roller replacement papers
  • Metal leash clips (a range of sizes, preferably large)
  • Scoop (“Little Stinker” heavy duty poop scoop; Flexrake “the scoop”)
  • Mop heads (24 ounce, 100% synthetic yarn-rayon)
  • Brooms
  • Bleach (household bleach is okay)
  • High-efficiency laundry detergent (HE)
  • Gift cards (to pet stores, Home Depot, Staples etc..)
  • Black trash bags (coreless roll liners,60 gal and/or 12-16 gal)
  • Towels
  • Assortment of colored paper (8″ x 11″)
  • Washable markers/crayons


Donation Form

Other Gifts & Mailing Address

General donations can be made by phone using a credit card. Please contact our Administration Office at (805) 964-8326. You may also mail your check or credit card number, including expiration date and phone number, to:

Santa Barbara Humane Society
5399 Overpass Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93111

Simply download and print a donation form.

Thank you!

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