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Our full name is the Santa Barbara Humane Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. We are a privately supported non-profit agency dedicated to the welfare of all companion animals that share the world with us.
What is the Santa Barbara Humane Society?

Our full name is the Santa Barbara Humane Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. We are a privately supported non-profit agency dedicated to the welfare of all companion animals that share the world with us. We are the third oldest Humane Society in the State of California, founded in 1887, and have been in continuous service since that time. We primarily serve the Santa Barbara County area.

What types of animals do you take in for adoption?

We take in owner-relinquished animals only, and limit pet intake to cats and dogs.

How long do you keep animals that are brought to you for adoption?

Those animals available for adoption will be kept as long as they are healthy and  temperamentally sound.

Do you provide boarding services for pets?

We do have facilities for boarding cats and dogs owned by members of the Santa Barbara Humane Society. We book boarding reservations up to two months in advance. Our boarding procedures are available in the Shelter Office and on the Boarding Services page.

Is it necessary to have written proof of vaccinations in order to board an animal?

Yes, we must receive pertinent documentation from your veterinarian for all the required vaccines. All vaccinations should be given to your pet at least two weeks in advance of your boarding stay to provide the best protection for your pet and the others under our care.

Do you offer humane education for children?

The Santa Barbara Humane Society has been giving Humane Education presentations to pre-school and elementary school students since 1949. We offer a variety of classroom presentations that are tailored to reach children in each age group to encourage a life-long dedication to the humane and responsible treatment of all animals. We also offer tours of our facility, where participants have a chance to see first hand our attractive grounds and wonderful adoption animals. Particpants receive a short presentation about the history of the Humane Society and about the services we offer to our community. Ask or call for information to schedule a tour for your specific group.

Do you spay and neuter cats and dogs?

The Santa Barbara Humane Society is dedicated to the control of the pet over-population problem. Every adoption animal is spayed or neutered prior to being placed for adoption. In addition, our on-site veterinary clinic provides low-fee spay and neuter surgery for the general public. Contact our veterinary clinic for an appointment and pre-operative instructions.

Can I get my pet vaccinated at the clinic?

By appointment, we provide low-fee vaccinations for Santa Barbara Humane Society members’ pets. Vaccination reminder notices are also sent on an annual basis. Click here for Clinic Hours.

Is there general veterinary care available for pets at the clinic?

No, our services are limited to spaying and neutering and vaccinations for dogs and cats. It is essential that your pet receive an annual wellness exam at your private veterinarian to ensure a healthy and active life.

Do you license dogs?

No, we do not issue dog licenses. However, we do have applications for Santa Barbara City licenses available in the shelter office. The application includes detailed instructions for the steps you will need to follow to obtain a license. You may also pick up an application at SB City Hall, Animal Services, located at 415 E. Sola Street. If you would prefer to apply on line, please visit Carpinteria City residents should contact the City of Carpinteria at 684-5405 for information about dog licenses. For cities and neighborhoods outside of Santa Barbara and Carpinteria City limits, dog licenses are available through Santa Barbara County Animal Services. For a list of County Animal Services shelters, click here. County and City codes require that all dogs over the age of 4 months be licensed. In addition, if your dog is spayed or neutered (“altered”), you will receive a 50% discount on the license fee (written proof by your veterinarian that you dog is altered must be presented to receive this discount). Please remember that you must have proof of current rabies vaccination each time you apply for a dog license.

What is the difference between the Humane Society and local animal control agencies?

We take in owner-relinquished animals only. Santa Barbara City Animal Control and Santa Barbara County Animal Services are governmental, tax-supported agencies. They enforce state laws and local ordinances that pertain to animals and pick up stray, lost or abandoned animals. Stray animals are taken to the shelter located at 5473 Overpass Road, adjacent to the Santa Barbara Humane Society.

When it is time to say goodbye to my pet at the end of its life, what services do you provide?
  • Cremation Services– We also provide individual, private cremation services at our facility for owner’s deceased animals.
  • Columbarium Inurnment– The columbarium, located adjacent to the historic Beck Family Farm House, is a series of crypts or niches in which the ashes of a cremated pet may be inurned at the owner’s request.
What is Your Privacy Policy?

The Santa Barbara Humane Society does not sell, rent, or exchange any member or donor’s personal information with other organizations or individuals. Read our complete Privacy Policy.

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