Surrendering Your Pet to Santa Barbara Humane Society

 As a last resort, SBHS offers pet surrender services for cats and dogs surrendered by residents of Santa Barbara County. Pet surrender at SBHS is by appointment only and there are fees involved. There is $55 charge for animals surrendered by residents of Santa Barbara County.  We are usually unable to take in animals on a walk-in or same-day basis. In rare circumstances, we may be able to admit a pet from outside of Santa Barbara County, but it must be approved in advance and the fee for out of county surrenders is $150.

Because SBHS is a safety net for animals in local shelters, space may be limited for owner surrendered pets. While we may not be able to accept your pet into our adoption program immediately, we are here to provide support, referrals and rehoming advice, or additional resources that may help you keep your pet.

If you adopted your animal from Santa Barbara Humane Society, we will gladly take them back! If you bring your animal back within 30 days from your adoption date, there will be no fee for the return. 

If at any point you need advice along the way or are feeling uncertain, please feel free to call us, we will be happy to assist you! You can contact our Animal Intake team at (805) 964-4777 x or at [email protected]

If you plan on surrendering your dog, you can begin the process by filling out this form.

If you plan on surrendering your cat, you can begin the prcoess by filling out this form.

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