LeashedIn: Kodak’s Dog Job Posting

Adoptable dog at the Santa Barbara Humane Society Kodak just posted this job on LeashedIn. Aspiring model seeks amateur photographer. Hi! My name is Kodak, and I’m really into photography. Unfortunately, I do not have thumbs so being a photographer wasn’t an option. Instead, I want to be a model!

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The Mew: Zoey

This week on The Mew, we are interviewing Zoey! Zoey is an all white, shorthaired cat. Zoey believes it’s rude to ask a lady her age (she’s eleven), however we are recognizing her for Senior Pet Month! So, put your paws together for Zoey! Zoey: You are too...

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Can’t Keep Your Pet?

Sometimes, regardless of everyone's best intentions it's happened; you cannot keep your pet. There are many reasons to make this hard decision, and we will try to address them here. Medical: Veterinary care can be expensive. If there is an accident,...

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