Our People

Our Board of Directors, Advisory Board, vital & expert Staff, and indispensable Volunteers




Carol Good, Administrative Assistant


Darla Mahon, Bookkeeper


Karen Scott, Special Projects Coordinator




Christina Sisk, DVM, Director of Veterinary Services


Lindsey Rynk, DVM, Staff Veterinarian


Leah Blanco, Clinic Manager


Megan Smart, Registered Veterinary Technician


Monica Gonzales, Veterinary Technician


Shelter Staff


Guy Hernandez, General Operations Manager


Michael Lovato, Utilities & Maintenance


John Barnett, Dog Behaviorist


Erica Jackson, Dog Adoption Counselor and Transfer Coordinator


Larry Ortiz, Enrichment Coordinator


Faryn Beverino, Shelter Office Manager


Molly Brock, Shelter Office Assistant


Janelle Richmond, Shelter Office Assistant


Mitch Jauchen, Kennel Supervisor


Victor Barrios, Animal Care Attendant


Bobby Herzog, Animal Care Attendant


Sam Ortiz, Animal Care Attendant


Andrew Ortiz, Animal Care Attendant


Robert McElroy, Animal Care Attendant


Education Department


Timothy Collins, Technical Animal Rescue Specialist


Clair Lofthouse, Public Relations & Events Coordinator


Linda Ballard, Humane Educator


Sandee Randall, Volunteer Coordinator


Kelly Kannenberg, Pet Assisted Therapy Coordinator


Humane Investigations


Timothy Collins, Humane Officer


Board of Directors

Randy Douglas, President

Kieran Osborne, Vice President

C. Allen Gaines, Secretary

James H. Taylor, Treasurer

Ann Bailey

Charlene Nagel

Bob Yost

Advisory Board

Mrs. Jamie Constance

Richard A. Mansmann, VMD

Philip W. Marking

Mrs. Alexander Power

Alexander Power

Mrs. John C. Pritzlaff

Betty J. Stephens

Mrs. Robert Veloz

*Past Presidents

SBHS Staff

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