Community Leadership

We are proud to serve as a strong positive resource for the community.

The Santa Barbara Humane Society plays a vital role in the lives of our community, from children, families and seniors, to our animal welfare partners and colleagues, and regional emergency preparation and response providers.

  • Our low-cost clinic services create equal access to health through vaccinations for community animals, and promote social responsibility through spay/neuter surgeries available for the public.
  • Shelter adoptions and the ongoing support we offer for adopters and other pet owners foster humane treatment of animals.
  • Our long-standing Humane Education program allows us to help children learn to be responsible pet owners – our Humane Educator gives presentations to preschool through 6th grade classrooms from Lompoc to Carpinteria.
  • We offer low cost adoptions through our Seniors for Seniors program designed for Seniors 55 years of age or more who adopt a dog or cat who is at least 6 years old. Older animals can be a great matches for seniors, who may enjoy lower impact activities – and research shows caring for pets provides fulfillment and can prevent feelings of loneliness or isolation.

While we provide humane treatment to animals, and a humane option for individuals and families who for a variety of reasons must face relinquishing a pet, with community support we are also able to contribute in these many ways to the community and to society.

Community Leadership SBHS Group Photo

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